Using our Product Customizer in “Custom it”

In order to use a photo,logo or design with this application you represent and warrant that:

You are the owner of the content or the content is in the public domain
•You have the legal right and authority to reproduce this design
•You have have no knowledge as to any third-party claums regarding the intellectual property
•The content does not infringe the rights of privacy,celebrity,moral or other rights of any third-party
•The work is not defamatory or obscene
•The content does not contain illegal material
•The content does not contain material which denigrates or attacks any person based on race,religion,national origin,sexual orientation
•We reserve the right to object to printing material that may conflict with this copyright declaration
•Customer consents for Craft-Card covers to photograph and or use finished product for purposes of marketing and or advertising. Craft-Card covers will not use any customer submitted images!trade marked logos!or copyrighted materials for profit or resale.